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sylph atoll afk mode

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  • sylph atoll afk mode

    I think that it would be a good idea if there was a way to harvest sylphs in the sylph atoll when you go afk.
    By pressing a button you automatically go round killing sylphs saves time while you go around doing your normal life would also save a lot of time.

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    it would help with these circuit quests too ^^ u could step away for 5min and when u come back that quest is done
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      that would just make it to easy but......on the +side i could be watching more anime in that time
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        yeah thats why i put the post here i can sit back and relax possibly fall asleep for a bit while i grind sylphs


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          I think you should have to pay 1000 gold per sylph killed. 60k gold is good price for seal which u can make 1 sepulcrum if you sacrifice sylph. So, I think sylph atoll needs a blitz function, plain and simple..... for cq for to have them killed. 30 seconds per sylph so that you need 10 done, blitz for 5 mins. I think it's fair price and time.
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            I would be happy if the sylph essences gathered without a fight could count toward the circuit quests.


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              sounds like good ideas, but 1k gold that's quite a lot unless you get about 3k a minute somehow will build up big time and will need a lot of gold to do it for a while.