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Battleground danger scores.

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  • Battleground danger scores.

    Well... I know this Idea is originally taken from Shaiya... but I want to use it here. Using BR system.
    We all know how annoying it is to allways see who is the participant and then check what's the BR of everyone, right?
    So I thought to create a name color scale for all.
    the scale is based over BR. and it goes like this: (comparing to YOUR BR)
    White: Target is over 4000 BR Lower than you. No Honor bonus.
    Light blue: Target is 3999-2000 lower than you. Extremely low honor bonus.
    Blue: Target is 1999-501 lower than you. Low Honor bonus.
    Green: Target is in range of 500 BR of you. Decent Honor Bonus.
    Yellow: Target is 501-1200 BR Higher than you, Good Honor bonus.
    Orange: Target is 1201-2000 BR Higher than you, Great Honor bonus but a tough battle is in front of you.
    Red: Target is 2001-2700 BR higher than you, Amazing honor bonus but prepare to die.
    Purple: Target is 2701-3500 BR higher than you, Phenomenal Honor bonus if you manage to bring it down.
    Gray: Target is 3501+ BR higher than you, RUN AWAY SCREAMING!!! (No Honor bonus)

    I think it would make attackers think when they tag someone. and will save the low BR members from the strong ones.
    these scores are made from a test I did. of how easy is it to kill a player in each of the sectors.

    I really hope it would do. (Allies are neutral colored, Sky blue.)
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    Current Details:
    Server: S1 Temple of Ibalize.
    Name: Cephalrai.
    Lv.80 Mage. (Non VIP)
    Clean: 411k
    with sylph: 598k
    full artilary: 1.4m
    Title: Lord Divine.
    Guild: Phoenix~!
    Rank: The lag Priestess.
    Skillfullness: Avarage. meh...

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    first of all I believe that your bracket after br is really low, 5k br isn't much those days for a lvl 60 +.And with a good sylph (they don't add to much br compared to their strength) you can easily defeat players with 10 k + br more than you.
    secondly I don't understand the br-honor connection. Are you suggesting to change the honor system?
    third: so if a very strong player ends up with all the opponents having less than 4k br than him he should quit the bg until he actually gets into one with someone close to his br and hunt him down the entire bg?
    4th: I believe the colour system should be used based on honor rankings so you know to avoid the ones against which you can lose 400 honor. Not really a problem if you atack by mistake (because you don't want to stay and check their br) a high br one if you don't lose more than 10 honor right? But adding the br near their names would be nice.

    p.s. do you honestly believe is such a difference between someone with 2700-3500 more br than you and someone with more than 3500 br that you consider the first category should get 'Phenomenal Honor' while the later none ?:P


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      not true at all. i meet in bg people with 15/20k much more br than me, and with honor rank lower than imperial