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Sylph Skills

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  • Sylph Skills

    Since at lvl 55 we don't gain a free syph skill just the right to buy skills, u have to buy sylph skills price between 385-745 bound/unbound balens, u think after u just buy a skill u just use it.... no that will be so unfair, after u have the new skill u have to buy a slot because new skill will random take place of an old one.... so my suggestion it's to price syplh special skill, something small like 50 bound balens or unbound, just for fun since u have to sell your kidney to have a chance to play this game with normal rights....
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    well I just lost my main syph skill when I was trying to add new skill just bought, one new slot open for it. ?
    And if you don't pay for this slot, change skill you have to buy old skill again. **
    So I thought you got a open slot at lvl 55 to put a new skill that you buy, but you have to buy this slot also?
    I'M so done spending real cash on this kind of ****.
    I'll just stay a low lvl player then loose interest in the game no more cash from me R2.
    Last edited by EBER8042; 05-26-2014, 07:54 PM.