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My Wrist Hurts, Move Farm Friend List

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  • My Wrist Hurts, Move Farm Friend List

    It would be so nice to move the farm friends list over to the left side of the screen. Scrolling back and forth like that over and over is a repetitive motion injury just waiting to happen. Moving the friend list closer to the tree would cut down on the pain in my wrist and might even help ease farming tedium.

    I implore you R2, protect your players precious wrists and move the friend list to the opposite side of the screen.

    P.S. Allowing us to drag it where we want it would work too....
    Obsidian, Lv80 Crit Mage (R2-S112)

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    I just want them to add a search function as well as a delete/add friend function on the farm friendlist itself. It would make things much smoother.