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Lower the Cost of Skill Resets and Inventory Rows

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  • Lower the Cost of Skill Resets and Inventory Rows

    When Vouchers were around, people could afford to unlock inventory, and reset their skills after trying a certain skill set (like when they found out Delphic Hell Thunder was really flashy, but actually just a tremendous waste of rage). But now that they're all gone, and the Bound Balens have arrived, only the Richest people can afford to do these things! They converted the Vouchers in a 20:1 Ratio (20 Vouchers into 1 Bound Balen) but yet the prices for these remain the same, so basically I'd be paying 19,000 vouchers to unlock my last bar of inventory, or 17,900 vouchers to reset my skills.

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    I, myself have one row left in my inventory, and refuse to spend $10 on unlocking it when I could buy multiple gem transposers instead, or send a rose shower to someone. :P
    Could you lower the cost of these so we can afford them? Or make it the proper 20:1 ratio so it'd be like it was when we had vouchers?
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