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Balens are overpriced?

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    Originally posted by Sadiro View Post
    I also just purchased ViP (I was so eager to get it, after hittin lvl 20), but im somewhat once again disgusted by the "limitations" seriously, when will gaming companys realize in this day and age of 2012 - limitations are a JOKE!

    Stamina system - Disgrace

    Attempts system - Disgrace

    Everything is limited to what you can do, and when you can do it.

    And i know, i know (Well it stopd people from getting so powerul, and rushing through it...) - Being a paying VIP customer, i think that should be our choice to decide.

    The game was outstanding, and i emphasis "Was", but now with the constant (Oh you have to wait 24hours before you can go there & do that) - is really starting to get to me.

    Especially for PAYING monthly subs - We shouldnt have any limitations, or at least they should be alot more "lenient" than a f2p player.

    So bored of this now, cant do dungeons (Cause theres no reward, so *** is the point).

    Dont want to do PvE (Cause theres no exp or reward, so *** is the point)

    Limted on PVP, i mean cmon, seriously?

    This game could thrive into something special, within the browser game industry - if they would *** learn that were NOT Asians! We dont WANT limitations + timers.

    Stamina systems were put in place for the asian community due to there excessive FARMING + PLaying! So why the ** should we have too endure it also.

    Seriously - Game is a dead stop for me now, sittin staring at my town, with very little to do for another 20+ hours, is an absolute disgrace (Again, even worse for VIP's).

    Rant done.

    Are you sure you are not like one of those people you insult? You seem to want to play similar hours. Because for any person with regularly scheduled job and social life outside of the game, the game already takes more than enough time, VIP is fine like it is: given that a VIP player does his full daily routine, no non-vip player can catch up in levels.


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      na i catch up a a free player i plant exp in farm lv2 strife seed 1 hour timer and set alarm to go off 2 minute before mature im running alarm 24 hours a day i got 40 levels in 9 days
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        Originally posted by lance137 View Post
        na i catch up a a free player i plant exp in farm lv2 strife seed 1 hour timer and set alarm to go off 2 minute before mature im running alarm 24 hours a day i got 40 levels in 9 days
        You'll have to update me on how much exp lv2 strife seed gives.

        I can do calculations for 6 farm tiles using lv1 seed of determination vs 6 farm tiles using lv1 strife seed => Difference each day through farms = 6*(4200*4 - 14000) = 16800 exp.

        A VIP running lv30-34 dungeon 5 times per day gives roughly 26000*5 = 130000 extra exp per day

        160 stamina daily => 8 campaigns run => at least 5000*8 = 40000 extra exp daily

        => 170000 extra exp for being VIP against 16800 extra exp from farming level 1 strife seeds every hours rather than level 1 seed of determination every 4 hours.

        To break even the free player has to earn 153200 extra exp by getting better bounty quests than the VIP player.

        That is however analysis for lv1 seeds. If you can give me info for exp gained from The Bloodlands, lv35-39 campaigns and lv2 seeds, I can do another analysis.


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          Originally posted by SEPPO86 View Post
          Is lvl 4 the max lvl gem ? NO !

          You need 438,160 Balen to make a lvl 8 gem and that's about 3480$. You have total of 24 slots to fill with gems so 24x3480$=83,520$
          i never said its max lvl, i was talking about realistic gem lvls people will aim for. Sure, some will go past that, but they will be in minority thus not making such a huge impact on the rest of us. But if everyone else has lvl 4 gems (and will happen after a while) your only option will be to either get your gems to lvl 4 or quit. Thats why i was talking about lvl 4 and not some lvl 8 gems, as those will be extremely rare cases, if any :P


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            Originally posted by ciroth View Post
            Chinese bonus are pretty much the same as ours

            Only different is a missing item in the vip packages you get per week... because we have no mount system.
            i notice another difference in VIP, not only do yo uget more **** from vip, there is also the CD reduction for free, you can use it to take away CDs from buildings, duels, research CDs...basically finish them all for free instantly without having to wait for the CD.
            i also notice VIP in the Chinese server get not only the more weekly **** but combat also SHOWS how much more exp you get per fight, so it actually really shows VIP do give you more exp, instead of saying you got 100k exp it says 80k+20k from VIP. each fight it shows that, so it constantly remind you that getting VIP is worth it. lol
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              mine give 6489 per hour x 9 plots times 24 hours a day and i do only orange or purple bountys till 2 am then finish out any left in blues before reset imonline from normally 9am to 4am not real sure but i do know im level 41 and the highest level on s2 is like 44 or 45 i started playing aug 30 as free player i have tried to become vip for last 5 days but every time i join it says ty please check vip status at my r2 and nothing is there so i put in ticket and they write back saying my cc was declined i cant even give these people my about to just watch porn with the money on this prepaid cc since i cant get anything since i bought 4.99 package with it still has 20.01 on it
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              Arguing on the internet is like running Something... Even if you win, you're still Loved