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Battle grounds

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  • Battle grounds

    Fix the Battle Grounds so everyone has a chance to get titles. put in guards so people can't spawn camper the two areas. Make the Battle Ratings even with in 5 k of each other. Make it so you can't enter without having all equipment on. All astrals have to be equipped. Battle Grounds is becoming a joke when all you get is camped all the time. FIX IT PLEASE!!!!

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    Agreed. Oh. and about every 1:30 minutes ever growing guardians respown. starting at 10K, 21K and 34k, And every time it grows by seventh of it's BR. this way, after 7 kills it's double the force, and yes, score is increased prespectively by it. using a formula you choose.
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      Another whining post about BG? At least do a search function for the other whining posts to post in. No need to spam about it. Besides BG is perfectly fine as it is. Only thing needs tweaking is dryad system but other than that everything is fine. learn to deal with it.