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    Why dont you do something about the lag and slow motion issues with this game and stop giving the lame and pathetic exceusses you give out to slove the problems. Fix the problems fix the problems fix the problems or maybe contact the developer and get them to do it.

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    They will keep using that excuse over and over.
    Even if you took it to court, R2 would still win.

    I...I love you like a love song baby...
    I.. I love you like a love song baby...
    I...I love you like a love song baby...
    And I keep hitting repe-pe-pe-pe-peat.


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      hey i have some good suggestions : 1st.stop seeing us all as money,we are humans you know.2nd make the game more interesting with more chances instead of more complicate things and new adds. 3rd everyday many players quiting .4th lets be honest if pure no cashers die who will killing to feel our power,may sounds cruel but that is the way this game goes.5th bring back the dam 30 bound balens reward,serious is redecioulous this happening,you taking first the vouchers then you giving balens on amounts of 2,1,3,are you serious ffs,i need ages to get anything with that shits ,6th am light casher am willing to pay buit you f,ucking cut my balls with all this changes and pay pay pay,if you think greedy will bring you more then keep going till you self-annihilated,thanks for your btw many others have the same opinion with me ,and i spend 400 euro till now i have more but i dont know how and where to use it .stop thinking only the money and be more humans,your selling based on humans so be more kind to us and seeing us only as money,goodnight