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Upgrade items from Catacombs or Arena

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  • Upgrade items from Catacombs or Arena


    Couldn't see any post about this, but might be my search being wrongly done.

    I would like to propose that rings and jewels that we buy with crypt tokens be upgraded instead we buy them, enchant, etc and in 10 levels we have to do it all over again.

    Why not use crypt tokens to upgrade them to next set keeping enchanting level and do enchant the missing levels on the new level items, keep also the open sockets (like when its done for legendary)?

    Seems easier and fair to all, VIP, cashers and non-cashers if you want to use any of those terms, doesn't matter, I think its just a waste of time and resources that we develop a item and 10 lvls after have to replace and destroy previous items. I won't mind to use same amount of tokens to just upgrade and gold to complete enchant. Just seems a waste to buy new ones and have to sell the old ones.

    I know it might be a problem with items upgraded to legendary, since it requires stones to get them, but I think you can even be able to provide a upgrade system that will allow players to upgrade legendary items, with the tokens and required stones to have it done, or give the option to upgrade to next lvl and not being legendary.

    Same scheme could be applied to Arena items, instead spending insignias and gold to throw away when buying new set, they could be upgraded if players have the required amount of insignias and spend after the gold to complete enchantments.

    Just a tough that could be an improvement and for sure many players will agree that everytime they change equipment because of level its starting all over again.

    If not, fine, just my 1 penny tough