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  • Circuit Quests: Catacombs shop

    Hi R2

    Please remove catacombs shop quest from circuit quest. I get that we "have" to do all that hunting on atoll , mpd and buy some minor things quests and so on...but they are all DOABLE. Boring but doable and in the end a little helpful with all those rewards. But my next quest that i got from it is pretty much insane if you dont have an imperial seal. The quest requires that we buy the ancient weapon shard from catacombs shop, either you have an imperial seal or crypt tokens you cant complete the quest(almost forgot balens as an option), so now im stuck on circuit quests because for now i cant recharge any balens and besides whats going to happen to all those free players out there? Im sure i won?t use 700 crypt tokens to buy that shard just for the quest when i already passed that level of weapon set.

    So please R2 ,remove that quest or at least give more imperial seals away so we can go on with the game.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    lol try being a Lvl 50'ish player being asked to use 1000 tokens to get a Lvl 70 piece that I am not going to need in some time as I am a slow leveller and I am totally screwed cause it went from being the 100th quest i was stuck on to now the first quest and I have no seals etc because used them on other quests of a similar above my lvl quests so now I have NO hope of getting anymore gold and daru unless I waste 1000 crypt tokens to buy it and I need those to be able to get my lvl 50 pieces... now if they were asking me to get a 50 piece I could live with it but this is bloody ridiculous and I wont be using balens on this account and we cant use bound balens to get past it so thanks for ****** me over for any extra gold and daru that would help me Wartune


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      im stuck too so its not just u guys but at least i need the archaic helmet the circuit quests want me to get but im not sure i should do it cuz im not sure if itll remove it from my inventory or not & if it does im screwed cuz i really need that piece cuz im trying to make my 70 set & it takes forever to get 1k crypt tokens


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        They really need to add 2 imperial seals at least somewhere... even 1 in daily devotion or something. some of those quests are just impossible or really grieving to hurt your character, I got lucky and had to buy a shard for 200 crypt tokens. I don't need the dang shard, im lucky it wasn't 1k. If i run into a 1k, thats the end of cq for me!
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          I am lucky and still have a lot of my scrolls but then being lvl 67 most of the stuff they have asked for is easier for me to get or I have... mind you wasnt so nice loosing one of the 1k insig pieces even though thats not so hard to replace... and while i dont mind the boredom of going into the sylph area how about instead of having to sometimes be there and click on 15 cause u got 5 orbs drop instead of having to fight just make it collect 10 and if ur lucky enough for an orb to drop so be it... sometimes i think the devs forget to use the brains they were born with when thinking up these ideas... most people have work so doing these quests becomes an option and most will only get 50 - 100 maybe a few more done especially if they get landed with a lot of the sylph quests so some more thought, realistic quests and common sense would help...


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            doesn't matter if you already have a better set or are far away from needing it

            the quest isn't to buy the item, the item itself is consumed upon quest completion, so you basically spent a huge amount of crypt tokens for nothing but 1 circuit quest


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              I agree, I'm a lvl 45+ and it was ridiculous how i had to buy an archaic weapon, pls do something about this r2.
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                Originally posted by WWELegendaryFan View Post
                I agree, I'm a lvl 45+ and it was ridiculous how i had to buy an archaic weapon, pls do something about this r2.

                I have the archaic hat one now. I'd be happy to buy it, as I need it for the set anyway. But I'm not going to throw away 1000 crypt tokens just to pass 1 cq esp when the same thing could happen with the next quest.


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                  not only you wast 1000 tokens for arcaic helm byt you give it to quest no stays in your invertory


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                    exactly if u were buying it for keeping wouldn't be so bad but to be consumed *** that chit... so i guess i wont be doing any cq's anytime in the future hence no extra gold or daru let alone fashion shards, soul crystals and any of the other bonus items sure know how to **** off ur players


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                      these circuit quests are dull, rewards are OK every 50 (but not worth so many atols) however the 200th quest reward really isnt worth it, hence why I now stop at 150 rather then 200. Thinking since you do Shards every 50, maybe you should put a charm in the 200th ? Just an idea. But certainly needs less atols. lol

                      My issue with these atols are that i work (hence why i can coin) but they slow it down to much so i dont have the time with work and getting kids to bed to do 200 a week


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                        Yup just came back to the game for the Honourable return event, and ran straight into a circuit quest wanting an Ancient Armour - yeah end of circuit quests thanks.

                        2400 gold and 12k Daru per circuit quest and you want people to spend hundreds of Crypt Tokens - this needs a lot of reworking, or the ability to skip circuit quests without it impacting total completed so far.

                        As is totally not worth the time to cost ratio.