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Circuit Quests: Suggestions from all players summarized here

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    prefere to get 1-2k kyanite instead 4k gold for every quest


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      I am new to the game, and I cant do CQ because I got to a point in which I have to spend a lot of crypt tokens to buy an item, and I dont have those tokens (neither would I spend them). And it does not reset, so I have given up with CQ. So they are NOT helping new people

      In fact, 3 of my guild are in this same situation and have abandoned the CQ


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        stupid Crypt Token quests... I had 3 this week, 120, 1000, 1000... I used up all my scrolls
        And 1 Insignia quest that wants me to use 1000 of them

        what this means is, next week if I got another Crypt Token with 1000+, that means I won't be able to do Circuit Quests unless I use up my 80ish Crypt Tokens I get per day... LOL (I stopped using Crypt Keys)

        so... that's 13+ days worth of Crypt Tokens all gone in 1 second...

        And yes... Bound Balens does not work.

        Circuit Quest will become Cash Only once you ran out of Crypt Tokens or Insignia


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          Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
          Please remove any quests which require you to go to Sylph Atoll.
          Please remove any quests which need Crypt tokens.
          Please remove any quests which require you to kill monsters in MPD.
          Please remove any quests which require you to kill monsters in solo campaign.
          Please reduce circuit quests from 200 to 50 and multiply the rewards by 4 times.


          If every player's suggestion must be taken into account, the best compromise I can think of is this:
          1) Completely remove circuit quests from game or;
          2) Only have capture astral quests, QTE and whack the mouse quests in circuit quests or;
          3) No need to have circuit quests. Every week, a rewards is sent to you through your ingame mail (credit: bakuryuuha)
          i think only the crypt token quests and quests which are really expensive are to be removed, like buy a hurricane steed card, or use insignia and use balens and other i am cool with those.
          i think the poster usually buyed a lot of stuff rather than work for it, i think atoll quests are crazy, but they are free, and the others quests WORK YOUR AS S.