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  • Guild Battle

    I would like to propose that the Guild Battle system be updated to the following limitations.

    Cut the number of participants to 25 and keep the same number of guilds to 8.

    My reason for this is:
    It has now been over a year since the new format to only allow the top 8 guilds to participate in Guild Battle-and one of the many reasons why this was changed was to fix the tremendous amount of lag that was occurring each guild battle. Well it hasn't helped AT ALL and actually it has only got worse-much worse.
    Its time to review Guild Battle system-because this major change has not helped at all. It made perfect sense to cut the number of guilds in half-and now its time to cut the number of participants in half now-since that is the only option left to do that would lessen the amount of lag that is still occurring.
    Thank you in advance.

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    and you are going to tell to tell 25 people that can't join anymore because you will have lag? the reason why all 50 participants enters is because the extra insignia/honor is well worthy even if they have to play with lag. Why not double the number of places to 100 and let them decide if they want to play with lag or not?


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      They should then limit the maximum amount of members to 100 per guild then it will be reasonable.......................


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        This would also allow for evenly distribution of equal strengths in guild battle-not just one or two guilds with no spots left for others who need the insignia and honor. so everyone would benefit-increasing the amount of participants would cause more lag. Which is why this so called "fix" for guild battle lag that was implemented is not working at all. The devs continually add content to this game which is fine by me-but there has to be a point where the additions such as mounts,wings,slyphs,titles and everything else that has been added in the past year must be compensated for-so hence limit the number of participants is the only way that would allow for a lot less lag and evenly distribution of players across all the guilds in each server. So before anyone thinks that I am complaining because I am in a weaker guild-think again-I just want more competition where it takes more then 15 minutes to win a guild battle-after all this is what its all about-a "battle" not a wham bam thank you mam type of event-which by the way is getting very boring-like you said getting extra insignia/honor is something that is very necessary and worth while-this would make it a more fair playing field-but there are some that like to dominate a server.