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Single skill reset and sylphl ideas

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  • Single skill reset and sylphl ideas

    now after Vouchers has gone lots of players want to reset there skills but only 1 skill or talent has been add wrong so instead of paying lots of balans to reset all the skills why not make it with 2 options that u can remove 1 point from the skill or talent for a small amount of balans like i added 1 talent by mistake and now if i have to get rid of it i need to pay too much to remove it but if there is way i can just remove the point i added in it then it will be much better

    why don't you add AFK mode while fighting sylphs also why dont you make like portal that can make u jump to any slyph area you want instead of going to every lvl

    that will be all thank you

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    very good ideas


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      I've heard a lot of people ask for a way to reset individual points instead of a full tree in my guild too.

      Most people haven't messed up so bad they need a full reset, a few points reassigned would do the trick.


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        lets hope they do it