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What EXACTLY are 'strangers' in chat list ?

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  • What EXACTLY are 'strangers' in chat list ?

    Doing a search in forum got no answer to this (pages of unrelated answers, most of them related to Crystal Saga since the search filter appear unable to filter by game), and anything I heard in chat is contradicted by what I checked.

    The most common chat answer was that they are inactives, but they are not as I see some to be online.

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    Strangers are the people that you talked with temporary, but didn't add friend each other.
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      Now I have a problem with that, since once they are shown as strangers I cannot add them as friends, either from that list or from guild members (option disabled).

      Would that be a bug ?


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        When you add someone they automatically become listed as strangers.
        The only way that person can become a friend is if that person accepts your friend request.

        So, in essence, the strangers on your list declined your friend request or simply haven't added you yet.
        You can always just delete them from the list and try to add them again.
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          tyvm, now I understand what they are :-)


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            and remember kids, don't talk to strangers.


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              Do strangers count toward the Friend limit? Should I just clear my Stranger list and anyone who stays at 0/10 Friendliness (presumably they have no interaction with you, Farm or otherwise since being added).
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                Strangers do count toward the friend limit , so try not to have many. Stranges doesnt couse as "Farms" as soon as they accept your friend request their farm will apear .
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