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Healing Talents For Mage?

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  • Healing Talents For Mage?

    Hey, im a mage with talents levl 22, HS levl19, Survival levl 2, Focus levl 1, and i have all my healings skills max in the Skills box.. i just want to ask if there any talent which increase the amount of healing of suntoria or astro or from sylph. And ive noticed that lower levl can heal more than i do and i can stun them for 2-3 rounds i dont know how that works.


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    Healing is based on the skill (restoration) and matk, since survival increases healing of restoration you heal more with that.
    Sunto heals more depending on your hp, if you have more hp, sunto will heal more. There is no talent for sunto.
    BL is like restoration and depends on magic attack, the only talent that has to do with bl only reduces the cd.

    Thats how the heal skills work, you might have to raise your matk to heal more.

    note: iris sylph, has better heals than mage (except when you raise survival talent than resto could be better) rain dance is quite good too and heals more than bl, but with redemption higher you can use bl more often.

    Also iris combines matk of the player and of the sylph, so you have more matk as awaken, meaning you can heal more again


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      maybe u see a crit heal, and compared your normal heal to it


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        What is a crit heal?


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          IF You have a crit mage, ie snipers edge instead of will destroyer, the heal will 'crit' ie heal for 50% more or so. just like crit damage but in a heal instead. However, this isn't very likely unless you have about 5K or higher crit ..... something to play with at level 80 or when you have at least an Imperial commander medallion or Lord Divine medallion. I'm level 80 and have been able to pass all dungeons with my team of equal rating with a maxed out Barrier, Level 2 survival and Level 2 redemption and just recently added Level 1 focus. I am going for the max holy seal first then upgrading talents to the max. I have found I don't need any more than that to pass my mp's with my friends, albeit my friend level is usually at least and 8 or a 9 with the friends that I go with. The only way to increase heal from suntoria is to increase your hit points, and that only increases the heals to your character from suntoria. For Blessed Light and Restoration, only increasing your Matk or having a high crit rate will increase the amount of healing, with the exception of a higher level of survival talent.
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