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legendary equipment

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  • legendary equipment

    how hard is it to get these? I am new to the game

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    how much time do you have?


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      it ism't too hard as long as you do nightmare runs daily along with arena and catacombs. the main factor is time. Key runs can take a while and depending on which set you do it might take either weeks or maybe a couple months


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        just spend a ton of $$ and donate all that gold to your guild and buy the stones from guild shop (provided ur guild has lvl 10 shop if you need the lvl 70 stones). You can buy 5 daily so add that on top of NM dungeon runs + vip chests, you can get at least 17 stones and if mystery chest gives u 1, each boss drops additional stones, card draw gives you stone as well, you can get a max of 26 stones in 1 day. If you're talking about leg 70 set, that's about min 9 days to get enough stones for 1 piece. Leg shards will require alot of insignia which if you can do tok nm 5 lvls and all 5 chests drops insignia + your guild wins all 3 gb in the week along with you being able to win 30 arena fights a day and join bg and be on winning team twice a day, you can earn 3,110 insignia a day (4,110 on gb days). Leg 70 shards require 25k insignia each so if you don't need to buy honor rank medals, you only need 8 days to each insignia for 1 piece. So its not really hard to make if you have the $$ to spare of course. Even if you don't have, as long as your toon is strong enough or your guild has strong ppl to spare on helping out in nm dungeons and arena (those that can win 1 vs 3 fights in arena easily) it'll only take you about 2 - 3 times longer at max. All depends on how patient you r.
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