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[ US East ] Wartune Spire Level 19.

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  • [ US East ] Wartune Spire Level 19.

    First few teams made it to 19
    We hope to beat 19 soon since 1 of us didnt use WC [ saving for TOK Nightmare use ]
    We will try to have all 4 of us use WC.
    Thanks for watching !!
    Any team on East make it to 20?

  • #2
    wow your short circ is 140k/45k, so big the gap.


    • #3
      congratz reaching this far.. just in case u dont know for beating 20 to 24 lvl u need deep freeze.... anyway good luck for later


      • #4
        my team reached spire 18 with average 120K BR, 1K 2A 1M

        19 seems really so hard
        SERVER: Kong Server 4 Oceanic (others see us as Kong-S6)
        IGN: Kimwong
        CLASS: Knight
        PLAYER TYPE: Light casher
        BATTLE RATING: 300K - 420K range
        Casual playing now, not gonna spend too much time


        • #5
          Gratz, geeat work guys. I think oAceo and his team passed this stage long time ago? Btw not a lot of team can go this far, gratz again. From what i know, L20 doesnt buff 1000% attack, anyone can confirm that ?