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    My non-cash/non-balenor level 63 crit knight has 86k br (with Gaia)

    Originally posted by laba-laba View Post
    Time for new index, NI = BR / VP
    NI = Noncasher Index
    VP = VIP Points

    Mine is 84.775, anyone higher?
    Mine is "Error": 86k/0 = Error.


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      Originally posted by mageheal50 View Post
      who is the strongest noncasher/nonvip/nonbalen player?

      and let's see the gap between him/her and the top dogs (pipster zebq etc)

      i play since april 2013 when kabam 21 started, my clothe always i got it for event same than my a lot of casher mounts that i have currently, with time i will should get wings and 100k BR or more
      Attached Files
      Game : Wartune
      Name: Xias
      Server: Kabam 21 (merged with 18)
      Guild: Redemption
      Class: Knight
      BR: 120.493 with bless and my stronger sylph (lv 74)
      Casher: not ATM (some day xD )
      Sylph. blue iris 5 stars 19.150 BR
      Playing since 28/04/2013


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        I was a non cashier once...and I was pretty strong too for my level...wasnt till I needed academy skills maxed that I turned vip...the cool down time was just insane. So Im classed as cashier now. 90% of my mounts and clothing were free (yes i bought a pig) , I help the non cashiers in my guild with their MPDs etc and ask that my guild chest be given to someone in the guild who needs it more than me...not missing out on much anyway. Having 3 accounts to take care of would be to expensive to cash on vip is basiclly it for me. Acc 1 lvl 63 64.5 K BR (50 Ledged), Acc 2 Lvl 62 61.8 k BR (50 ledge set comming), Acc 3 lvl 54 42k BR (50 ledge set comming). Having played the game alot and knowing how to get the most out of it for free is a big help. If i had just the 1 acc then it would be alot stronger as id have more time to put into it. The events lately have been pretty good too...thumbs up R2.


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          im lvl 64 nonchaser and i dont have a wing lvl50 set with a 83k br


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            BTW, here's my current pic

            (only with Blessing Wheel, no scroll, no pot)


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              anyone who claims to be a non casher with more than 100k br has to being playing every day and not missed a single day. I've heard of someone claiming to be a non casher with 120k br with VIP every month. I'm retarded because I didn't know that buying VIP is not cashing.


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                I got a 80k non casher in my guild, completly non cash, not ever "free balens".

                Myself is 80k as well with vip just, so I'm what you call "minor casher".

                we are not from a super old server, so 100k for a "non casher" isn't impossible, if you've done all the monthly quests and such, 100k in 1 year isn't impossible


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                  Originally posted by dukec2 View Post
                  Completely free (you got take my word for all the non-believers). should be topping 110k soon.
                  stats not in pics. lvl 6 fate and sylphs range from 12-16k br. lvl 4 clothes and lvl 2 wings

                  this guy is pro

                  only started sep 2013, or thats just forum acct?


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                    Apolo wings was in september so i believe he hasnt started in september lol


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                      I am lvl 64 non casher with 73k br


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                        Originally posted by mageheal50 View Post
                        this guy is pro

                        only started sep 2013, or thats just forum acct?
                        that is only my forum acct... ive got about a year into this game with a week or two off for vacations

                        edit: i play on AG server
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                          Vip index: 40k br, 0 vip points xD



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                            Non-casher from Kabam S4, academ buff only, 70 set soon:
                            Click image for larger version

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