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When will or will we ever get the chinese updates??

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  • When will or will we ever get the chinese updates??

    Hi guys ive just spent the last few days on the Chinese servers through and OMG they are so much more ahead as we all know. they have more skills slots, second medallion, another stat booster, multiple skill options, ( so you can have say 3 Delphic specials at the same time) if you wanted., a marriage system, some sort of dragon pets... and a huge lot more..

    but my questions are...

    1. Are we ever going to get these...
    2. Why does it take soooo long for us to get the patches... they are on patch 2.15
    3. is there any english servers with the same updates as the chinese, but so i can read it lol


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    So you joined half year ago and you never read the forum ?
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