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Sold Out in the SHOP??? What is this?

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  • Sold Out in the SHOP??? What is this?

    I didn't realized that there are new sales in the shop how come they don't announce it.. 'and what is this sold out thing??? I'm very curious.. because I wonder why other player has like level 7 - 8 gems of all of their items with like 2 pcs each of lvl 7 on each item.. this is mindblowing

    Uploaded with
    I have played and become one of the strongest Mage in Server 5 and showed them how powerful mages are than Archers. 'I purchased balens & trying to support r2games 'but now I am quitting because of r2games doesn't even help you out and hear you out. 'They cannot make anything possible hence they are the only one who can do it.

    Thank you everyone!
    I enjoyed the game and the game itself rocks!
    'but the company is ruined it.