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  • European server 49

    Can ANYONE please tell me what has happened to the Kabam european 49 sever?? I looked at the proposed merges and server 49 is NOT mentioned in ANY of the posts as a server to be merged.
    But when I just tried to log in server 49 is just not there, I joined another server 59 a while back but don`t play that one. But this is the only server showing up for me :/
    I have put money into 49 and would like to carry on playing that one.
    So can anyone PLEEEASE clarify what is going on?

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    European Servers

    Kabam Server S16 and Kabam Server S49 will be merging together.
    Welcome on our Server and sry for you guys :/


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      It clearly states, like Dacra says, that your server is going to be merged.
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