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  • Hacker alert!!!

    This person and several other like him have been taking hacking to unbelievable new heights. Not only have they stolen a graet deal of Balens; they have used this means to bully others, become increasingly rude, and abuse power through blackmail under the promise of more Balens. This has got to end! I am a F2P gamer; but I have invested a considerable amount of money in the past to help develope my avatar. I will begin posting any/all hackers!
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    If you have proof, you have to file a ticket so that the GMs can have a look at these characters. But... it's got to be solid proof. Not just a hunch.
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      I see its just trolling ! like in our guild we call each other "cheater" and we cat we did cheat or being hacker when do some kind of achievement like make gear, legend it, upgrade astral or some rare items from boxes.

      I think He just trolling you

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        well should no tbe to difficult for R2games to check the logs of the purchases