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More classes ?

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  • More classes ?

    Why this game only got 3 lame class? Your previous game(Crystal Saga) much better than this ****..yah..better graphic but boring gameplay also will lead to potential dead game..keep going with this only 3 classes and Wartune wont even last for a creative..not stupid..
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    Wartune is a browser game to play for fun..Why so serious ?

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    Wartune will be well-known and very popular in the future, trust me bro.
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      R2CS is right, they may only have 3 classes, but thier a hybrid game, with best graphics ever seen in thier game genre, its an amazing game, 3 classes is enough, and even if there was another class, say an assassin, i dont see where he would fit in at all lol, since archer takes that role


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        for me this game is not sucks at all.. coz even though am newbie... and playing lots of other games. wartune is 1st favorite game now..
        Wazzup Localz ..!


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          mmm you wanna know what happens when u have more class?
          more class = specials = weakness = jealousy = conflict = more threads = more problems
          lets take CS for example

          Knights are tanks
          Rogues and assassins
          Rangers are ranged DPS
          Mages are Area control
          Priests are support

          knights have it all so they will not make problems high defense good in PVE and PVP so almost no threads
          rogues are stealthy and high in dodge u can almost never find them and almost never hit them but if they hit u then ur dead so again almost no threads meaning no conflict
          rangers are awesome in PVP and PVE with high attack silence heal and slow also seriously devastating attacks so u can die through 1 hits if ur weak
          Mages are AOE types so they are pretty weak squishy if they get caught they die almost immediately and ranger anti mage (clearly as the name state they are meant to kill mages) are their worst nightmare so there will be a little conflict but not much since they die only through physical attacks and if there are no ranger they can kill alot of players and in PVE they will have problems but its not major
          Priests built for support they lack defense and attack unless they are super high level players their main power is heal and buffs their major attack do less damage than a knight without skill they are good in AOE but easy targets and so alot of conflict hence many threads leading to more work and problems for the r2 team which will be bad

          so u see the greater the amount of classes the greater the problems are and out of a few of the classes there is bound to be atleast 1 weak class and that 1 weak class will keep making problems so its better as it is 3 is good no more classes please
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