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  • Tower of Kings

    I have a proposal for changes in the Tower of Kings to opponents say they were stranded out of the top 20 thanks to this it ended up setting TOK to the nightmare where the top 4 is without clothes players who walk on nightmare are not able transitions level hard or nawt normal, and those who do not may your friends with very high BP can not gettin 'laid niemogÄ…chodzic so hard on nightmare. It is very not fair players who are in position in the ranking, May 5-8 where the others can not gettin 'laid poziimu hard and they will be happy with the position kozystaja 1-4 opponents have no clothes.
    This must be solved as soon as possible so that everyone had takiesame conditions in the game
    Please odpowiec for some GM or something of this will be done because the game dumb dumb sense of equal opportunities
    ps. sorry for the mistakes google translator