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"Trade" Market

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    Originally posted by ciroth View Post
    I think you guys don't understand english well enough to the point where you are misreading how the market system works.
    Mystery Shop is not market, it is a second function of the market building. The actual Market is not in place yet.
    Mystery Shop prices are incorrect as stated by the GMs and will be fixed in next patch, according to their response in news thread

    So whats so crappy about you as a free to play player selling items and making balens? You pay 20% fee to the market after you sell. But if you get a rare item and a guy has balens and willing to spend 300 for it, then you make a nice profit. What is there to hate? The Cashers are actually GIVING YOU BALENS for your hard work and in exchange allow YOU to have a chance at spending your earn balens to make yourself more powerful.

    What it sounds like is you guys who are unhappy is because you want to open 20 accounts, farm all 20 accounts, then transfer all items to 1 character and go super mode. Uhh NO.
    Cool story bro

    I bet they cannot understand English, clearly. Can you please translate it more, into a baby's-tongue english?
    I have played and become one of the strongest Mage in Server 5 and showed them how powerful mages are than Archers. 'I purchased balens & trying to support r2games 'but now I am quitting because of r2games doesn't even help you out and hear you out. 'They cannot make anything possible hence they are the only one who can do it.

    Thank you everyone!
    I enjoyed the game and the game itself rocks!
    'but the company is ruined it.