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Non cash servers!!!

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  • Non cash servers!!!

    I know this has probably been said before and a million times before that but I think releasing a non cash server every now and then would be a good idea. I know r2 wouldn't be making money off of it, hence the reason I stated releasing it every now and again. Too many people complaining about cashers being the center of attention and all that stuff so give those who have an issue a chance to fight amongst other non cashers so I can keep my sanity lol
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  • #2
    not going to happen


    • #3
      thats a good idea.. but think they wont make it.. but that would really be good for us who are not cashers
      Why so serious?


      • #4
        What would the point of other servers be then? If you get everything and vip for free on non casher servers. Why would anyone want to join a cash server? I am sure everyone will quit there current server if they know that on the non casher servers everything is free there. Please think about these type of things next time. This will never happen.


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          non casher server = no income for R2.

          This is like suggesting to a supermarket chain to make one of it's branch where everything is for free minus the luxury goods.

          Are you out of touch with the real world? Have you ever work before?


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            Bad idea. Don't play if you can't handle cashers. and what war said it correct. non casher server = no money outcome. Which let's just face it r2 don't want.


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              And who can join the non-cash servers? The chosen ones? What will be the category for this? What will make me special to join a non-cash server? XD
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                Its will never happens its coste mony host the server, them dosent host any server them not can pay the server billings just for people ask for it.

                the company just lose mony and dont gain any mony, Who company in this world should give away thire products for free.

                you can ask Microsoft to send you a Microsoft Lincens to Windows or ask for Xbox 360 or something.

                Or Ask Sony for a Playstation 4 just for you should be ablet to play thire games for free.

                Its coste them to send it to you but dont gain any $ frome you should like a god bussnies some should shut down.
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