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What are the G M doing?

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  • What are the G M doing?

    As the title have stated "what are the G M doing?". No respond to tickets, No bug fixes, No nothing. It been constantly trolling for the past few weeks. Feel free to add to the list of complaints.

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    What are they doing? Making ♥♥♥♥ loads of cash thats what
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      Counting money I think.
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        What's there for them to do anyway...their job is to monitor the game for abuse/ban ppl who break the ToS. Other problems are for the Tech Support staff who are not the G should be looking for the Tech Support staff rather than the G M since its not their problem it is highly unlikely they'll prioritize helping you to alert the tech support staff on your problems in-game. Unless it is something that'll make R2 lose $$$ that is...
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          Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
          Counting money I think.
          deleting forum posts prolly.
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            Originally posted by R21577189 View Post
            deleting forum posts prolly.
            GMs don't do that, I do.

            As for the OP's comment about tickets not being replied to, I know for a fact the majority of tickets are being replied to. If you have a ticket that has not been replied to (there was a holiday, after all), please do post or pm a moderator with your ticket number and we'll ask them to see what's going on with it.

            And since there's already a number of threads that are just here to bash the company, I'm going to close this one.
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