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Circuit Quest suggestion

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  • R23148068
    started a topic Circuit Quest suggestion

    Circuit Quest suggestion

    hope circuit quest is like... Forgotten Catacombs..

    When you Start FC.. and cancel you used your attempt for that day but you can continue it for the next day without consuming another attempt.

    Forgotten Catacombs mechanics

    day 1 - i start FC cleared 50 then cancel(stop) but dont reset
    day 2 - i continue to clear to 100.. then start again and clear 100..

    so i want is..
    Circuit Quest
    1st week - at 150/200 didnt fin it Before Reset(sunday5am)
    2nd week - My new set of CQ 1/200 is waiting for me.. just like FC..continue to 151/200 or reset for fresh 1/200

    Benefits of this..

    For Busy Peoples.. like me 50 per week only... if have continue.. i can finish 200 in a month and i will have 1 rich royal chest every month
    For active people.. can fin 200 per week and can have 4 rich royal chest a month
    FAIR enuff

    So.. This continue/ Reset Can be very good ^_^

  • Atomslaya
    I like this idea. Makes that if you have a busy week you can catch up the next.

    And it's still up to the players whether they prefer to reset at 150 then cause they don't like the 200 chest or want to continue on.

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