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Suggestion for Sylph Atoll and Cloud City

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  • Suggestion for Sylph Atoll and Cloud City

    Hello everyone,
    I was just thinking how annoying it is to go through atoll to level 4 all the time and even moving from one point in cloud city to another can sometimes be annoying. So i was thinking maybe there can be teleportation scrolls in order to shorten travel times. I hate when I get the CQ for sylph atoll level 4 whether it is to gather flowers or to kill 10 gaia's, it takes a while to get there so I thought maybe implementing a teleportation scroll system would save some time. This may have already been mentioned but I dont want to scroll through the whole forum just to find that out. Anyways its just an idea and I thought I should share it.

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    1 teleport scroll for 50 balens.
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      Lol, no i was thinking maybe we could get them through daily devotion or through a daily quest.