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Cut down some trolling in Amethyst Mines (Gold Rush)

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  • Cut down some trolling in Amethyst Mines (Gold Rush)

    At the very least, please remove the fact that if someone without a cart attacks someone with a cart (and more than 61 amethyst) and they win, the player with amethyst loses their amethyst like normal.

    It's bad enough that trolls with 1 HP dump carts early and tag-team instant battle (the 5 second protection window after a fight you won, only applies to that one person you fought, so they just switch to their alt and click when it's ending) someone with a cart endlessly until the double time has elapsed, but seriously, why should it be allowed for players to grief others by depriving them of Amethyst if they are to win? These attackers gain nothing for winning the fight - they only deprive others of amethyst without risking their own. Maybe it's a bug (after all, they claimed the 5 second protection window after combat to be a fix, but obviously they simply made it to only be possible for those with alts to have the capability).

    Suggestion is in bold, rant and details on a not so "fixed" bug are in the rest.
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    Should only let those with attempts enter the Amethyst mine.
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      Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
      Should only let those with attempts enter the Amethyst mine.
      that wouldn't fix the alt problem at all really

      they could just use alts that they don't really play, just lvled to 40 (or 41 dunno which it is) in a hurry


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        I agree with this, my other main character is also harassed this way, even if that player knew he can't win, he still continue to attack me continuously until the double rewards was ended.