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Merge S33 Kabam Please!

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    started a topic Merge S33 Kabam Please!

    Merge S33 Kabam Please!

    Alright I've made my rants about how bad this server itself has become. but nobody in r2 has bothered to notice it. There are literally 2 guilds in the server. massmurder with 210 people and Dragonborn with 180. There are at least 5 other guilds but surprise surprise they have 60- Please let us join with some other server so we can have more guilds because this is plain boring. 24/7 same old ****. This server is dying and it needs more people. please and thanks.

  • EliatanK18
    Kabam 18 could use a merge, too. How down and out does a server have to get before it's merged? Already lost tons of friends in this game, would at least like to see an activity surge with the ones I still have.

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