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  • Guild Merge

    I would like to see the ability to Merge guilds. Our server is overloaded with guilds that are inactive or only have 1 player in them. Some of the smaller guilds would like to keep all the hard work put into the guild and not lose it but can't do that. I know someone that became guild master because they were the only active player. Now they are running a dead guild by themselves and have contributed a ton of their hard work and gold only to need to give it up because there are hardly any new players and with her guild being so weak, she can't get any new people into her guild. I know another guy that created his guild awhile ago and can't get anyone to join because everyone wants, or is in, one of the top 4 guilds. It would be nice to be able to merge these guilds so that the best can be taken from each guild and the contribution record can be kept. It would help to clean up some of the extra data in you servers and also benefit the players.