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  • need advice

    since CW its very close and we now still under maintenance, i wanna ask everyone for a lil advice. i just maxed yestarday seal at lv 70 and i can increase talent 3 more times and then ill be forced to lv up. my question its should i lv up now before CW and get the lil extra from it and work there on those talents, or should i wait? and on another note, i am 5 mil daru away from lv 9 enlightment, and i have a few nice gold mails saved. should i use em and get the daru for enlightment before CW so that i will have enough daru left to lv up troops to?

  • #2
    What is your character ? Which talents would you like to upgrade? As for enlightening go for it.
    Mage level 72 br 107k.


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      i am a knight. and s for talents i am not really sure)


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        If you can lvl up some of the main passives go from 1lvl you wont feel any difference in stats if thats what you mean.


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          so then i should lv up and use the gold mails to?