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Time Displacement is unfair advantage.

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  • Time Displacement is unfair advantage.

    There are a few events in this game that are made for only the people in the server location or who don’t have jobs.

    • Tanks, happens before I get up and before I get home, and I am east coast US. It is worse for Pacific Time zone and the 2 others in between.
    • Group arena happens after I have left for work. Sure there are two on the weekends, but there are 5 that are missed. The ten insignia a day buy back is just not a replacement for 150 lost per day.
    • I just barely make World Boss… so that means everyone in the 3 times zones after me has issues.
    • Guild Battles???? I will never see one.
    There is another side of the world that has been overlooked. It would be nice if there were a later World boss, tanks, Group arena and guild battle. Afraid that will give others just another shot at getting ahead? Make them like TOK or Spire, once a day.

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    Where in the world are you?
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      The United States.


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        ^ East Coast of the United States.


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          Are you on the correct server for your timezone?


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            yeah one of the negative parts of this game is everything has a certain time slot.


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              This thread exists to show that people are impossible to please.

              Use cash = damn you casher
              Use time = damn you, you got more time than me
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                If the events were ran with a restriction it would help those that are not in the server zoned time. Willy stopped playing here because boss and tanks for him are at 1:30 am/pm and 2:30 am/pm, next time tanks and boss are up? ... he is asleep or at work. Guild battles are at 1 pm. He will never see a guild battle either.

                @ person above isn't about more time than me, it is about time at all. But ty for your intelligent input on the matter. Let me ask you something, how long would you play a game or be inclined to donate if you knew you would never get ahead? Not number one, or even top ten.. ahead at all?
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                  If you can't revolve your life around event times, you must accept you can't be top.

                  Main reason why I retired.
                  Officially retired from Wartune and Forums.
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                    Use time = damn you, you got more time than me[/QUOTE]

                    Time is one of the things thats the same for every one.. 24 hours a day


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                      actually... I am not on the right server on one of my toons... US WEST and I am in EUROPE and I must say this server works the best for me. Tanks at 7pm, WB at 8.30pm, Arena starts at 9pm and finishes at 10pm for me when I then can go to sleep, at 6am then I have ame double time, and the 2nd WB at 7am. Granted, there are only 2 BGs I can make fully without skipping something with my group and GB is at 5am (3 times a week, sometimes I get up, sometimes I don't). This server is just PERFECT for me.

                      On my European server however I keep missing things because I have to do this stuff during the day and in the evening the US server takes over (due to a LOT more money spend there compared to the European one), so I do understand where u r comeing from. I also understand though why there are timed events like arena. If it were open whenever and u would go at a time where there are only 2 groups that are stronger then u, then where is the fun in that?

                      Basically if u can't make ANYTHING u have to find a server that suits ur needs better.
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                        Sounds like the OP has a Noon - 9:00 pm job + commute times. That's rough for one to get activities in. He's probably only getting home and able to play by the time the late WB comes on.

                        It was posted a while ago, but I think it makes sense to revisit the idea that after Tree Reset (00:00 Server Time) we get:
                        00:00 - 02:00 - Group Arena
                        01:00 - 01:25 - BattleGrounds
                        01:30 - 01:55 - Tank Trials
                        02:00 - 02:25 - BattleGrounds

                        If those late events were added it would really help those server timezone people who have long workdays.


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                          I have the same problem. And feel the same.
                          And for all people, who say- you should choose different server- I've picked "US East" server. It has turned out that it was European (don't ask me why it was in the wrong group), but I've realized all this too late, basically at the time when I've invested too much time and effort into the game and found many friends (who I cannot unfortunately join for guild battles, arena etc.)
                          Solution? Either put more events into different time (yes, server can have 3am, but there are still people from around the world there) or allow people to move to different servers without starting over (this idea with it's limitations was discussed in somebody's topic already so don't flame me here..)