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Time limitation events like arena and BG?..Why

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  • Time limitation events like arena and BG?..Why

    Please make things like arena and battleground (ok i didnt do any BG since im working so tbh.dont know whats it about) a whole day event that is limited by amount of honor/medalion/insignias you get, more or less same as duels.
    Why i am saying is this..For example i am a working man so every 2nd week i cant play arena and that kinda pisses me off.Its not about paying its about the thrill and teamwork (whats the point of even payed character when you cant use it since you got 1 h per day..)

    reasons why to do it:

    1.what im sugesting is to give ppl same sa duels a 20 attempts at arena and BG ( like i said i didnt tried BG but since its time limited i gues alot of ppl misses it) or number/reward you see fitted so even if you cant be there on time that is now you would still do it.
    2.when you are done with all you could do..maxed out duels,solo campains,mp dungons, you could still do it and pratices even if no more rewards.
    3.what i have noticed when ever you have that 1h event LAG comes,by doing this you would avoid alot of ppl loging at one time.
    4 game would be more flexible and you wouldnt need alot of servers that would lead to 1 day crossserver BG/arena that some games have because they got 10 servers would show that you care to all sorts of people playing this game, not only those that have whole days.

    I can understand World bosses since it would be hard to split them, but then again there are 3 WB.
    i dont know it seems practical to me

    PS:To all gramer police in here ..sry English is not my native language so SRYYY. and if sorry if this kinda of post was up here before.

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    What I think they should do is add another Arena time and only let you do one a day. So people who get on later can play also. Most people dont get off work until after Arena is over which is annoying. I know several of my friends can only do Arena on the weekend because of this.


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      First idea much better than second, but yes we need more flexibility :P