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About the purpose of bound/un-bound

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  • About the purpose of bound/un-bound

    Ok, so the question is simple: Why do we still have bound/un-bound items…
    As many people believe, english wartunes will NEVER release trade because it’ll make them suck less money. So then we’ve got the question, why do the bound/un-bound terms still exist to mess up our item stacking?

    If the answer’s got gonna be answered, then make sure to leave a verify that the trade system will guarantee release. Else there is no point to keep bound/un-bound and so people would like to hear the answer of the question…

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    Ask r2, not us.
    Spamming the forums with many threads will not make you wise.


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      they're too lasy to do that or they just don't know how


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        Hmm fair enough, bet they don't know how... all they can do is copy/paste from 7Road.
        Eventually changing prices to ** us compared to chinese prices xD