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help with academy please.

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  • help with academy please.

    hi there

    I have been searching everywhere, even in google and still don't know the following things about the academy.

    1. is matk upgrade in the academy used in "skill attacks" by hero or troops, other than by mage/priest/angles ??

    2. as a archer what is best to focus on?

    2.1 or as a knight.

    2.2 or as mage.

    academy wise. ?

    thanks in advance for any help experienced players and mods/admins can provide

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    As far as i know MATK is only used By Mages/Priests/Angels, all the other one uses PATK (it should say what they use)

    What you want to focus on is all your choice, whatever you prefer. But if you ask me, Go; Lancers, Paladins, Gryphons, Knights.


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      i'm a archer, my stats say i have 75 Matk, but i need to know if incresing it is worth it/useful.


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        umm let me find


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          hey only1merlin, here you need go this :


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            MATK is useless for Archers and Knights


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              It is better to focus on upgrading your hero first before upgrading your troops.


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                the thread here is talking about academy not troops for my knight i level in my academy hero pdef troop count hero pdef hero patt hero mdef and herohp for my hero for troops i currently use gryphon so i am leveling the same stats for troops as I am on my hero when i hit 40 will be switching to angel so troop ones will change to matt instead of patt
                giving game one last chance :

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                server 164 brighthollow
                class : archer
                current level : 54
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                  ACTUALLY... it specifies in the academy "hero MATCK" or "Troop MATK" if you're someone who wants to deal with priests, troop MATK is good.. if you deal with knights/gryphs, the Troops PATK is good.. if later we can mix and match.. then you want to invest in both troop stuff..

                  If you're a mage, stay away from "hero PATCK" and if you're knight/archer, stay away from "Hero MATCK"

                  I >think< by the end of the game.. you'll want to invest in everything for mix and match purposes except "Hero" type effect that doesn't pertain to your class.
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