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magic pot.

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    Originally posted by AkumaDeDiablo View Post
    if you notice R2emma re-edited the post and removed the line that state that we will get a mount
    R2 staff has the option to show not have the option of edit show at bottom of post.
    omg this is the first time r2 g m have acted soo fast and edited. never before have i seen like this


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      i have a bad feeling , that g m tartarus might be in trouble with emma, cause he tried to explain the prizes generally r2 doest explain like this eg. the first rune event, the first refinement event etc


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        i am slightly surprised with 7roads here, i really excepted the dark sylph to be top prise, and as maybe 4-5 people got the evil alpaca on my server which was pretty active at the time, they could of made some money here

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          Can you use locked/bound balens on the pot, or only normal balens?


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            Originally posted by Echo3 View Post
            Can you use locked/bound balens on the pot, or only normal balens?
            As stated in picture, you can only use Normal Balens, not bound balens.
            Wartune's Cookie is retired. In game drama and Cashing is outrageous. Enjoy peeps!

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              This is a game full of disappointment whenever new things implemented . Speechless