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Guilds of Same Ownership - Please Set Rules of Players Use

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  • Guilds of Same Ownership - Please Set Rules of Players Use

    I'm writing this due to the situation on our server that the Guild Master of a major guild uses his players to raise the other guilds that he owns, creating an uneven playground, unfair situation to the independently competing guilds.
    Would like the admins of this game to interfere and stop this practice of unfairly dominating the playground by switching the players of a single major guild towards satellite guilds of same ownership, with the clear intention of eliminating competitors in ranking and members as well.

    Thank you for your reply and prompt action in this.

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    Either "Working as intended" or "Bug but will never be fixed."


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      some big guilds have more actives then GB spots so members leave big guild for there sister guild to do GB then return back once GB is over
      Server: R2Games S230 Cross Chasm (Oceanic)
      Guild: Sicario