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Class Wars = Sylph Wars

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    I vote - "Im fine with being hit above my max hp in one"
    Yes i am a knight. Yes gaia's delphic does alot of damage, but i've learned to work around it and even killed knights with more br than me and using gaia.
    SlyDevil | s374


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      Nothing wrong with slphy... it is your defend stats matter. My 4 star blue amazon just manage to tickle some tough mages in the cw .


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        Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
        really? I was under the impression there is no troops in group arena. Did they change it to allow troops now?? anyway in group arena most of the time I'm fighting 1 against 3 =P so its not hard for me to stack up on unstable voltage. Maybe next time I'll remember to take a screen shot XD
        When did I say that there are troops lmao?? are you blind or something?? in group arena it stacks faster because of various player attacks and sylph attacks, WHERE DID THE TROOPS COME FROM?? I just said that it stacks faster in group arena and stacks to 10 in at most 3 turns, learn to read you blind sob