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Eliminate useless dropouts

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  • Eliminate useless dropouts

    Solo dungeons/multiplayer dungeons/wilderness treasure chest many times drop useless armors/weapons, which have statistics way below the required level (comparable to -20 levels shop equipment). Examples can be Arcane Heavy Armor, Coroders Insignia (lvl 48, PATK 54!) or Silveron Long Bow- just from my last blitz)
    Can you replace these with more valuable staff (e.g. better armor to give me temptation abandon advantages of complete synthetized set or crystals) or at least some usefull staff (daru, gold etc.)?

    Thank you!

    Edit: Just want to ad, that above mentioned items are so useless because they cannot be even recycled!

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    just sell, save for enchant quests, or recycle them

    it's better for them to actually make all items bound if they're never gonna open the market so unbound/bound items don't take up 2 spots or require manual stacking
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      I agree drop synthetic material gold and daru. Maybe spice things up with an ocasional coin or key. But the drops are useless and you know it so just drop the material.