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Archer PATK or Crit?

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    I'm Level 68 Archer in S7
    My Gem Using PVP Set 3 Slot in equipment
    1. PATK
    2. PDEF
    3. HP
    4. MDEF ( use in my jewel legendary for 4th slot)

    Astral all orange :
    1. PATK Lvl 6
    2. Crit Lvl 5
    3. Determination Lvl 5
    4. PDEF Lvl 5
    5. MDEF Lvl 5
    6. Illusion Lvl 5 (but prefer Godness Blessing on 6th slot since Illusion no more OP)

    My Stat is 15.2k+ PATK, 2.1k+ Crit, 10.3k+ PDEF, near 53k HP, near 8k MDEF, 1270 Trop
    In 1st WB I got around 1m gold n daru, and around 600k+ in other time WB with Voucher Buff
    I'm just very small casher under $ 50
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