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Idea for item trading through guilds.

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  • Idea for item trading through guilds.

    What if you could sell unbound items to the guild for an amount of guild contribution...
    and then other guildies could purchase these items with guild contribution points... (possibly even other guilds?)

    Its kind of like, being able to help out your friends and fellow guild members. Then there is no need to worry about farmers, because everything is done through a secure guild community, and not server wide.

    It also solves the problem of having marked 'bound' and 'unbound' items that has absolutely no validity... and just lead to confusion and eventually, disdain from players who believe it was just a kind of scam to make them think there is trading in game.

    *this idea is intellectual property of me... and any use of this idea should result in my in game compensation; possibly in the form of finally getting good astrals!*

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    Currently, in-game feature modification is kinda hard, luckily, game is updating always, I'll suggest this to the developers, Lets see what new features will be adding next Version.
    Ok, I'm muted, so.... please use sign language.


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      I have no doubt that modifications to a running game is difficult. However, its really quite a simple concept; Evolve, or return to dust.