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  • Tips for developer[maybe]

    The first reason why always lag to me is [maybe]
    "developer forget to free allocated memory used in previous event"
    What I meant was like this:
    Previous event is Mine Amethyst.
    Next Event is Tank Trial.
    Later event is World Boss.

    Character who went through first event, then continued to Tank and last to World Boss.
    Memory allocated for Amethyst event is not released yet. So when user continue to Tank trial, it is getting lagger.
    After tank is World Boss. The system need to reload again the map for boss, but forget to release allocated memory used in Amethyst and Tank Trial.
    And that is why TASK MANAGER said our BROWSER eat at least 800 MB RAM.

    I don't know if developer have released allocated memory yet, but please correct me if I was wrong.
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