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server s406 is dying we need server marge

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  • server s406 is dying we need server marge

    we need server marge with s400 and s403 in the next server marge...please marge these three server in the next server marge..we want more fun and competition .. i hope r2 team accept my proposal...and also the server players. thanking you

    Server- s406
    IGN- GnRPhoenix
    Guild -Insomnia
    lvl65 Archer
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    You can marge with S1-S5.
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      its not funny or its not a joke...we really need marge but with our nearest server as like i suggest s400 and s403..please modarator or GM give response


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        sad still no reply from any officials??


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          Perhaps you need to spread the word or maybe the officials would prefer if you butter them up first. When you finally get marge we'll toast.


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            you need to send money to the r2 officials to help u merge servers, I think.
            The more u give the faster they merge.
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