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Redoga Died way to fast.

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  • Redoga Died way to fast.

    My guild was noticing that Redoga died so fast. He only had like 30mil HP. If I am not mistaken he usually has like 50 or 70. Anyone else notice this?

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    yeah it did die really quick...but then again i thought cause it was all top dpser was on cause it was right after battleground. but i did notice it was was like within a couple min it spawned and died already...i barely hit .5 on server4 and it ended.
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      hoax probably.
      I have played and become one of the strongest Mage in Server 5 and showed them how powerful mages are than Archers. 'I purchased balens & trying to support r2games 'but now I am quitting because of r2games doesn't even help you out and hear you out. 'They cannot make anything possible hence they are the only one who can do it.

      Thank you everyone!
      I enjoyed the game and the game itself rocks!
      'but the company is ruined it.