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  • Blacklist System

    I think when you have somebody blacklisted you cannot see what they say in world chat/current chat. This guy I have blacklisted is being a perv to me in world

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    Take screenshots of everything he says to you.

    Submit them to the devs.

    They should take action.
    Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
    You are just a freakozoid... Monster of Frankenstein meets Jabba the Hutt... Frabba the Huttstein... :P
    Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
    Behind every fat Space Slug is a blood thirsty sociopath urging it on.


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      They dont always depends on the platform. I had issues and sent tickets that were roundly ignored forcing me to start over on a new server (and a new platform in hopes that the tickets there are actually read)

      That said blacklist is pretty archaic and useless, why it doesnt block mails and wc/ac posts is beyond me