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    ok so i spent something like 500 balens to get new skill for my sylph. and i think its some ** the fact that it 1 replaces a skill and that skill that is lost can be re used and has to bought again. second the fact you cannot chose which damn skill that you want to replace with. honestly r2 great way to make players spend fucing cash and get fuced in the prosses. shady as fuc that u dont even give warning that the replaced skill is lost and have to buy again. so for that u have lost my service to this game. p.s things in this game is outragesly expensive on top of that u guys dont do sh it with maitnence and the lag that has been goin on for weeks now. and dont give me ** saying its a internet issue on the users side. cuz any other game or website i visit loads quick while urs is the only one that has massive lag.

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    you have to buy a new slot for skills so you won't lose any but yes it should ask if you are sure when you dont buy it
    I heard that you can choose what skills you are going to lose in the upgraded version of a sylph


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      buy a new slot and learn the skill


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        I learned that the hard way too
        This game is a money pit