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slow avatar movement

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  • R244481105
    If it was the PC, which is new, etc why would it not slow down apparent movement of all players. I was wondering more if there is a particular attribute which controls speed and which I could enhance.

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  • Flame_Ace
    Originally posted by R244481105 View Post
    Can anyone advise me as to how I can increase the movement rate of my avatar please? I get overtaken by nearly all other players, even really low level ones so it takes ages to get a single cartload in BG. Often I am still on my way to get first one when another player is already heading back with their second cartload. Not only is this frustrating because it takes so long to accumulate points and honour but it also makes me a virtual sitting target for attackers and makes it hard for me to attack as nearly everyone else moves so fast that I can't catch them. I can pick a target but before I get in range they are half a screen away. HELP PLEASE.
    You're lag and have delay. There are many factors why you're lag and experienced delay.

    1. you have an out dated PC with low memory/ram
    2. if you have a bad internet connection (causes delay even if you have a good pc/memory)
    3. your adobe flash version is outdated
    4. your browser was not suitable for wartune or its not updated
    5. you have a computer with decent/good specs but you're running several programs which slows down you're gameplay
    6. if your server has connection error (but since others are not lag as you, this might not be the problem)

    Well those above situations are just some of the cause of your problem, but what I suspect is that you either have bad pc/memory specs which causes lag or bad internet connection which causes delay or the worst is you have both.

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  • mageheal50
    upgrade your pc

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