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  • Tower of Kings

    I would personally like to thank everyone who downgrades themselves to make Tower of Kings a lil easier for us average joe players. Even if you have stopped doing it I still want to show my appreciation for when you guys did. It kinda sucks that tower of kings is based on op players but that is how it is setup. And I know it hurts you guys who do it in some way or another but it is very nice when you do. Any way I want to speak for everyone who appreciates it and say Thank You.
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    S194 - Isle of Dalbran

    I never met undressed TOK in my server.. can not pass the hard one.. even to complete the normal one is so hard (all my team entering TOK normal is with average BR 80k - 90k)...

    Lv 67
    84k BR


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      It understandable that not all servers are like it there are alot of cool guiys on kabam that helps sorry that R2 is a pain but maybe you cna talk to the high lvl guys over there on yourserver to do it
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        i am so glad that i am not on R2 server. My server is completely different (Miniclip) and it is so easy to tell players to strip b4 reset. Since R2 has a lot of servers, so its understandable that its hard for top players to maintain what they do to help low players
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